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mg电子试玩app——一个社区 & 技术学院 complies with federal and state laws that protect the privacy of student records, 包括 the Family Educational Rights and 隐私 Act (FERPA), 20 U.S.C. §1232g, 34 CFR 99; and the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act (MGDPA) Minn. 统计. Ch 13 Minn Rules Ch 1205; and other applicable laws and regulations concerning the handling of education records. Students enrolled in the college are required to supply information necessary for 服务s to be rendered. Although students are not legally required to provide the requested data, all requested information is essential to college processes and 服务s. Refusing to supply requested information may result in the denial of admission to a program, 注册或其他服务.

学院保证,学生信息将受到保护,不会如本政策所示被不当披露. 执行州和联邦法律, 学院制定了一项政策,赋予学生有关其教育记录的某些权利.


Student: A student is an individual who has either applied for enrollment, 谁目前在注册, 或曾就读于mg电子试玩app. A student is an individual receiving educational 服务s by any method. All students have the same rights regarding their educational data.

教育数据:教育数据是与学生直接相关的记录,由mg电子试玩app维护. 教育数据包括, 但并不局限于mg电子试玩app材料, 经济援助记录, 成绩单, 类列表, 课程表, 分级考试或论文, 纪律处分程序记录, 工作学生记录和更多. Certain information is exempted from the definition of “educational data” 包括:

  1. 教学人员的记录,仅由制作者拥有,除了制作者的临时替代者外,不得向任何其他个人访问或透露,并在学年结束时销毁.
  2. Law enforcement unit records-not shared with school officials and maintained for law enforcement purpose
  3. 仅由治疗专业人员为治疗目的保存的医疗和心理治疗记录
  4. 仅包含该学生不再是该机构学生后的信息的记录(校友数据)

A school official is a person employed by Saint Paul College in an administrative, 监督, 及学术或辅助人员职位. A person or company with whom Saint Paul College has contracted; a person serving on the Board of the Trustees or in the Office of the Chancellor, 在正式的大学委员会工作的学生, 一个顾问, a college public safety officer acting in a 健康 or safety emergency, or a person assisting another school official in performing his or her tasks. 如果学校官员需要审查教育数据以履行其专业职责,则该官员具有合法的教育利益.

  1. A student has a right to inspect and review his or her educational records. 有关要求应以书面向书记官长提出. Saint Paul College will provide access to view educational records within ten days of the student’s request. A student requesting a copy of her or her education records will be assessed the cost.
  2. 学生有权同意信息的披露, 他或她的个人身份, except to the extent that these disclosures are allowed without student consent under state and federal law.
  3. A student has the right to request that the Registrar correct educational data, 他或她认为是不准确或具有误导性的. 学生应向注册主任提出上诉,明确指出他们希望更改的记录部分,以及记录不准确或具有误导性的原因. 注:学生对成绩提出质疑的权利不适用于本政策,除非所分配的成绩据称是不准确的. 通过学院网站和目录上的政策出版物,学生将被告知他们的FERPA和MGPDA权利
  4. 学生有权向美国大学投诉.S. 教育部 concerning alleged failures by Saint Paul College to comply with the requirements of FERPA. Students desiring to file a complaint should address the complaint to:
    U.S. 教育部

未经学生书面同意,mg电子试玩app不允许访问或发布学生教育数据中包含的个人身份信息给任何第三方(包括家长/监护人), 依赖, 或配偶/家庭伴侣), except as authorized by FERPA and MGPDA or other applicable law. A student may grant or revoke consent by complete the Release of 信息rmation eForm, available on the 学生档案网站. The student must present a government or college-issued photo ID in person when signing and submitting this form.


Saint Paul College designates the following information as directory data:

  • 学生姓名
  • 主要学习项目
  • 出席日期
  • 学位、文凭、证书 & 所获奖项
  • 全日制或在职入学情况
  • 参与认可活动
  • 用于mg电子试玩app发布或大学出版物的照片

因为目录数据被认为是公共的, mg电子试玩app将根据要求向任何人发布此类信息,但要求不公开披露的学生目录数据除外.


Saint Paul College designates the following information as limited directory data: Student email address, 个人邮箱地址, 家庭住址, 电话号码. 即将完成学业的学生的有限目录数据将被发布到明尼苏达州的机构,用于招聘和营销沟通, mg电子试玩app的朋友们.

学生电子邮件地址和明星ID号被定义为有限的目录数据,用于明尼苏达州系统内部与企业技术相关的目的,由系统办公室IT部门批准, 包括, 但不限于, 将电子邮件地址和明星身份证号码包括在明尼苏达州学生和员工可以访问的目录中.

尽管本政策有任何其他规定, 以下信息被定义为有限目录数据,以便与LeadMN共享,以便与他们的成员通信:学生姓名, 电子邮件地址, 和学生变更代码(NEW/RTN/DROP).

学生可以书面通知注册主任,要求保留任何或全部目录和有限的目录信息,不向公众披露. The non-disclosure request will be permanent unless the student requests otherwise.


As allowed by the MGDPA and FERPA, the college will release student records without consent:

  1. 为履行其合法教育职责而要求查阅教育记录的有关学校官员
  2. To officials of other schools in which the student seeks or intends to enroll, 或者,如果该学生已经入学,而该披露是为了与学生入学或转学有关的目的
  3. 到另一个教育机构或机构, if requested by the agency or institution where a student is enrolled or receives 服务s while the student is notified where applicable; receives a copy of the record, if requested; and has an opportunity for a hearing to amend the record, 根据法律规定
  4. To federal, state or local officials or agencies as required by the law
  5. In connection with a student’s application for, or receipt of, financial aid
  6. To accrediting organizations or organizations conducting educational studies, 但前提是,这些组织不发布个人身份数据,也不在获取这些数据的目的不再需要时销毁这些数据
  7. In compliance with a judicial order or lawfully submitted subpoena, 除非该传票特别指示学校不得披露传票的存在,否则学校必须作出合理努力提前通知学生
  8. To appropriate persons in an emergency situation if the information is necessary to protect the 健康 or safety of the students or their persons; or
  9. To an alleged victim of a crime of violence (as defined in 18 U.S.C. §16)或非强制性的性犯罪, the final results of the alleged student perpetrator’s disciplinary proceeding may be released;
  10. 对军事招募人员(定义为10年美国宪法).S. C. § 983) for purposes of military recruiting the following information pertaining to students (who are 17 years of age or older) enrolled at the college; names, addresses and telephone listings; data and place of birth; levels of education; academic majors, 度了, and the most recent education institution enrolled in by the student;
  11. 作为对美国法院单方面命令的回应.S. 美国爱国者法案下的律师

如有书面要求, the College shall provide a student with access to his or her educational records. 查看这些记录是免费的,即使学院被要求复制一份数据以提供访问权限. Responses to requests by students to review their educational records shall be within ten (10) 业务 days.


有关学生违反学生行为的历史和适用的处罚的记录应至少保存五年,并与学生的学业记录分开. The only persons having access to these records shall be the President of the College, 教务副总裁, 学生事务副主席, 学生成功中心主任, 以及学生权利与责任主任. 任何其他希望查看这些文件的人必须得到教务副校长的许可, 学生事务副主席, 学生成功中心主任, 或学生权利与责任主任.​

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